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Senior Athletic Banners

If you are a senior athlete (or parent of), please read the following information carefully.

1. All Seniors participating on an athletic team will have a banner on display in the gymnasium for the duration of the 2019-20 school year. Each banner will have the athlete‚Äôs name, Lynchburg-Clay (Lady) Mustangs, and the logo of each sport played displayed on the banner. If the senior athlete plays multiple sports, they must choose which sport they want to have their picture taken in. For example, if a senior plays golf, cheers, and plays softball, they must choose one of those sports/uniforms to have their picture taken in and that picture will be on the banner. They cannot have pictures taken in all 3. The pictures will be taken in the home uniforms. 

2. Photos will be scheduled on 2 dates. The first (and preferred date) is 10:00AM-1:00PM on August 1 and the make-up date will be August 5 from 6:00-8:00PM at the high school. A schedule will be set up on 5 minute increments (ex. 10:00, 10:05, 10;10, etc.). Each senior will be assigned a time and expected to be there for that time slot.

3. Seniors must email Mr. Faust the following information:

-Which uniform and number do you want to use for the banner? The uniform will be ready when the athletes come in on August 1 or August 5.

                        **If you have your own equipment that you wear or want on the banner (baseball pants, catching gear, goalie gloves, golf club, bowling ball etc) that the school does not provide, you will need to bring if with you. Mr. Faust will only provide the uniform.

-Indicate which time slot works best for you. A schedule will be developed and put on the website as soon as possible.

4. Email mark.faust@lclsd.org by July 26.


Preseason Parent Meeting Dates

Any athlete that participates on any athletic team, grades 7-12, for Lynchburg-Clay must attend a yearly preseason meeting. The athlete and a parent is required to attend to be eligible for athletic participation. Athletes and their parents are only required to attend one meeting per school year.

Two preseason parent meetings will be held for the 2019 Fall athletic season. The first meeting will be August 1 at 7:00. The second meeting will be on August 5 at 7:00. Both meetings will be at the high school.



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