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Mrs. J. Roberts

Welcome to kindergarten! We are off to a great start! We have learned so much already in the short amount of time we have been here! Please remember that although we have started academic things, much of the beginning of kindergarten is devoted to helping the students learn how to be at school, how to follow school rules, and how to get along with their peers.

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Listed below are the skills we are working on in class. Please practice these things with your child. If you have any questions about how your child is mastering these skills or what you can work on with your child, please contact me at 937.364.9119 ext. 11137. Thank you!
*Our letters land sounds earned so far are: 
*Sight Words: (New Words)
*Name writing- please practice writing first names with a capital letter and lowercase letters

*Counting to 30
*Number Recogntion- 0-
*One to one counting (i.e. how many teddy bears are on your plate?)
*Sorting (skittles, m & ms, smarties, buttons, teddy bears, etc)
*Graphing (what has the most? what has the least?)
*Counting objects to 20
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*School Pictures: Wednesday, August 26th
*Fair Break- September 7-11