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Mrs. Winkle


Students have been working on finding prime and composite numbers, equivalent fractions, comparing fractions and ordering fractions. Students have been given a study guide to complete and we will review it the next day we have school. 

The math test will be this Friday 1/22 unless we have other snow days. If we have a snow day on Friday the test will then be the next Tuesday 1/26.   


To the right are the three different math websites we use in the classroom. Your child can click on the links and practice these websites as home as well.



For the next week or two we are going to focus more on grammar. Then we will be working on writing an informational essay. Students will have to compare two different texts and then write use information from the texts to write a multi-paragraph informational essay.





AR- Students should be reading their AR book at home every single night. They should also be taking at least one AR test a week.

Any questions email me at
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Mrs. Winkle