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Early Literacy Resources

Early Literacy Resources

Did you know that children in early childhood programs have free access to early literacy resources through INFOhio, Ohio's PreK-12 online library? INFOhio provides resources for parents and teachers to help encourage reading with their child.

What Resources Do They Have?

You can access INFOhio at To find early literacy resources, click on the box for PreK-5. Beginning reader resources are found in the upper right-hand corner. Some of these resources are:

  • World Book Kids is an encyclopedia with bright, colorful visuals, as well as activities, games, and printable activities.
  • World Book Kids articles can be translated into 30 languages.
  • Scholastic’s BookFlix has 125 paired fiction and nonfiction eBook titles, 34 of which are also available in Spanish.
  • World Book’s Early World of Learning provides eBooks (some available in Spanish), an encyclopedia for young learners, and classic songs and nursery rhymes for young learners.

To help parents encourage reading with their child, on the INFOhio Parent page, there are short videos on Reading for a Purpose, Reading on the Go and Reading on the Screen. These videos are accompanied by flyers that are in English and Spanish and support early literacy learning.

How Do I Access the Resources?

Each of these resources will request a username and password. The statewide username isinfohio and the password is works. Both should be all lower case. You are welcome to share the new username and password with users, faculty, parents and children, but please do not post them on social media or on any open website.